Versatile Blogger Award

Well first off, I have to send a big thank you to Rachael (Rachael’s Ramblings) for the Versatile Blogger Award Nomination! It gave me all kinds of warm fuzzies to see. I love this blog and the people that I’ve met on this journey, and we aren’t even a year in yet. I can’t wait to see what else we have up our sleeves.

The rules when nominated are:

Thank the person that nominated you and include the link to their blog.

Nominate 15 blogs of your choice.

Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.

Share seven facts about yourself.
So here we go, Seven facts about me:

  1. I am a big comic nerd; I’ve been slowly chipping away at the old Marvels, thanks to The Complete Marvel Reading Order site. The old ones crack me up, but I can’t get enough of the vintage story lines.
  2. I seriously considered working towards starting up a bakery. I especially love cake/cupcake decorating and have done some birthdays for people. Perhaps someday I will find the time for a baking blog, hehehe
  3. I have over 600 books that I own but have not read yet (which is insane because I read constantly)
  4. I am a bit of a science geek and have even been known to read certain textbooks for fun (I even occasionally take notes).
  5. Every time I see a shooting star or blow out my birthday candles, I still make the same wish I’ve been making since I was 17 (and I still refuse to tell anyone what it is).
  6. I despise onions unless they are deep fried.
  7. I grew up with odd pets; hedgehogs, chinchillas, etc. But my dream is still to have a little piggy to love.

And now for my nominees! Always tricky, because I have some awesome people that I love to read, they all make me strive to get better with my own work (these are in no particular order):

Thank you for humoring me, my friends, I know this was a nontraditional post for me, but I could not resist sending a shout out to some of the people that I love to read.

Author: katiebell318

I'm a 28 year old unknown writer who spends her day job working in the courts (rest assured- that place is stranger than any fiction I could write). I love reading, writing, random crafts, baking and hiking. I have a fiance and two fur babies (one kitten and one German Sheppard puppy) who make up my little family. learning to step out of my comfort zone and start checking things off my dusty old bucket list.

6 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. I have been traveling (yes, again) and am finally catching up on my email. Thank you so much for the nomination!! You certainly deserve the nomination and I send heartfelt congratulations to you…love reading your posts!! I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month (one blog per day for the month of January)…so now I have my next post idea!! It’s not too late to sign up if you are interested. I’ve missed 3 days of posting due to a heavy travel schedule this past week (TWO 22 hour driving stints in one week plus a flight). There are no prizes…it’s about increasing traffic to your blog.

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    1. Hey there, happy travels! I hope you’ve been having a blast (though the schedule sounds a bit grueling). And you know, I just might take you up on that challenge. I’m trying to get back into my old routines and started organizing some new content this past week- so this could be the exact motivation that I need to kick it into high gear!


  2. Oh wow, is it totally strange that I didn’t know I was nominated until now? I was sorting through my emails when I just noticed this! Haha faulty WordPress notifications…But a very belated thanks for the nomination! I’m totally honored:)

    I like your #5 by the way…hope your 10-year wish comes true already. And I’m TOTALLY jealous that you grew up hedgehogs…that’s my dream pet!


  3. I’m really late by commenting now, but just wanted to say thank you for nominating me. 🙂 I actually liked this post a while back, however, I couldn’t remember which blogger nominated me, so I had to scroll all the back way on my “likes” list to find the post manually, lol. Hopefully I get to working on own post for this award soon.

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