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Here we have a few worksheets I’ve created to help me with my story plotting. Feel free to use them, change them, offer suggestions- I tend to tweak them with each new project, they are general reminders that get me into the right frame of mind.

World Building:

I tend to put a lot of extra detail in my world building. Usually only a percentage of that makes its way into the actual novel, the rest of it is for me, to keep me on track through my work and give me the background I need to make my setting believable. The important thing to remember here is to keep things consistent; that is what will give your audience the impression of an authentic world.

World Building Worksheet (.doc)

World Building Worksheet (.pdf)

Character Analysis:

I love to get into the heads of my different characters and find out what their motivation is. Each character usually gets at least a blurb, although I will go into varying degrees of detail depending on their role in the novel. The main goal with this worksheet is to create authentic and believable characters. Give them flaws, make them come to life. Try writing the same scene from different character’s perspectives to get in touch with the motivations of each character.

Character Analysis Worksheet (.doc)

Character Analysis Worksheet (.pdf)


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