Towels, Noses and Wine, oh my

“This must be a Thursday,” said Arthur musing to himself, sinking low over his beer, “I never could get the hang of Thursdays.”

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams

Happy Towel Day my dear friends! How fitting is it that this auspicious day also happens to land on a Thursday? Poor Arthur would be deeply discouraged to learn of this little happenstance of fate. I also find it rather thrilling that Towel Day coincides with Red Nose Day as well as National Wine Day (cheers!). This lovely Thursday started out a bit slow, I was a tad worn down- but alas, now that I know what I have to celebrate, the tides have turned.

For those of you who are squinting suspiciously at your screens wondering what type of gibberish I am spouting about now- allow me to explain. I anticipate that National Wine Day needs no introduction, we can all assume the purpose behind it, and I trust that many of you can get behind the occasion and send a salute with your chosen glass/bottle(s)- no judgment coming from me. Personally, the past year I have been dipping my toes into these little beauties, trying to find the right one to make my taste buds sing. I have a few favorites- but I have learned that even the worst wine will taste amazing when you imbibe after a long hike/fitness routine. (Side note: if you have a fear of calories, then partaking after a work it is actually the best possible time, proven scientific fact. Just be sure you don’t ignore your water in process- I know, this can be difficult).

As for Red Nose Day, this is a fun little charity event held every year to raise money for disadvantaged people. It’s put on by the charity ‘Comic Relief’ which tries to raise money for good causes using the universal art of humor. It started in the U.K.  back in 1988. The US was a tad late jumping onto the bandwagon, and didn’t launch until 2015. The bright red clown noses (which you can buy at Walgreens) are meant to be a fun, family-friendly way to raise money as well as awareness. They can be pretty fantastic conversation starters, if I do say so myself. If you feel like participating, please- post the pictures. A bit of humor can go a long way to cast a glimmer of hopeful light into a world that can appear far too dark at times.

And now, to close the trifecta- we have Towel Day; probably the one most of you are questioning as you read this. It was created as a tribute to the late (and ever so great Douglas Adams). If you have read Hitchhiker’s Guide, you will understand the reference. If you have not- I strongly suggest you run to your nearest bookstore and pick up a copy- you will not be disappointed. The towel is an important feature in the universe, you see; it has infinite uses- and if you manage to cross the galaxy and still happen to maintain that little bit of cloth- then perhaps you are one hell of a creature to be reckoned with.

Douglas Adams was able to do what few authors ever truly attain; he created a cult classic with nothing but twenty-six letters all couple and jumbled, squished together and pulled apart. Just as Monty Pyyhon created the oddly humorous Holy Grail, which I liberally quoted through high school- Douglas Adams emulated the same mastery in his own craft. Many of his lines and stories can be found lurking across the interwebs, inspiring impromptu smiles and fond memories. There is something timeless with his work; it transcends generations- but not in the traditional way. His books are quite strange, but they flow so naturally that you can’t help but follow right along and nod your head at the thought of an alien race reciting rather boring poetry, or a depressed robot who is painfully loyal to his living companions. And the whale- oh, don’t even get me started on the whale and his hopeful desire to make friends with the ground.

A silly common humor that can entertain both children and adults like is difficult to come by. But a few books are able to encapsulate that essence and carry it forward with their readers. One of the things that I truly loved about Hitchikers Guide is how relatable it is; in all of its goofy off-the-wall glory, you still come across these rare gems- whether they contain the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything. (42), or simply good advice; such as the gem reminding you that it is a mistake to think you can solve any major problem with just potatoes.   Or perhaps you are more interested advice pertaining to your love life- more specifically, that you should avoid it at all cost.

The beautiful thing about today is that it’s all about what gives you joy. Wine- well, we all know the joy that wine can bring. Red noses are a fun reminder of the simple joys that come with childhood, and the charity is all about ensuring that every kid has an opportunity for that same carefree childhood that they all deserve. Growing up is hard, adulting is a challenge for even the best of us; we all deserve that tiny little solance which can be found in the simple happiness that childhood can bring. And the towels are a reminder of the creative inspirations that spark inspiration in the souls of both young and old alike. The world is full of small wonders and andvetures we all deserve to celebrate. So cheers, my dear friends. Celebrate joy and happiness today. We all deserve it. And never forget your towel- you will never know when it will come in handy.